White Trash is a mission in the mod.


  • Drive to the trailer
  • Kill the rednecks
  • Enter the trailer


Miller is sitting in his squad car, reading a newspaper, parked in front of Brutal Burger. Neil walks by his car and knocks on the passenger door window. Miller looks at Neil and opens the door for his to let him in. Neil enters the car and closes the door behind him as Miller puts away his newspaper

Neil: What's the news today?

Miller: A school bus rammed into a lumber truck and that union trucker strike's still going on.

Neil: Shame. Anyway, look at this...

Neil takes out his phone and shows Miller the picture

Neil: It's up in the mountains.

Miller: Right, so here's the plan. You go there, eradicate them, and get rid of the lab.

Neil: Isn't that your job, or something like a SWAT team?

Miller: It's gotta look like an accident, like a meth lab explosion. Can you do that?

Neil: After I do this, will you look into Rodney for me?

Miller: Yeah, we'll do it for you.

Neil: Alright, sounds good.

Neil exits the squad car and walks away as Miller drives away

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive to the trailer

The player arrives at the trailer. The player is instructed to kill the rednecks guarding the trailer

The player kills the rednecks. The player is then instructed to enter the trailer. Once the player enters the trailer, a cutscene occurs

Neil runs into the trailer and finds a large meth lab sitting on the counter. Neil fiddles around with random valves and levers as he speaks to himself

Neil: I could've sworn I learned how to do this from that show.

After fiddling around with it for a few more seconds, Neil throws his arms up in surrender

Neil: Fuck this.

Neil grabs a knife from the counter, cuts a gas hose and runs out of the trailer. After he runs out of it, it blows up

Mission passed