The map of Warsaw, West Virginia

Warsaw, West Virginia is the main location of the mod.


Not much is known about Warsaw's early history, aside from the fact that it was nothing but a bunch of mountains owned by a group of Native Americans. However, in 1830, a bunch of Polish adventurers came across the mountains. They found nothing of interest in the mountains, and told the Native Americans that the mountains would forever belong to them. However, Polish explorers found coal in a nearby mountain, and promptly took the land from the Native Americans. The Polish explorers later named the town "Warsaw", after the explorer's hometown.

The town's main industry since it's founding was the local coal mine nearby, where coal was mined. However, the mine collapsed in 1972, killing all 16 workers inside. The miners were never found and no rescue attempts were made due to the town's isolation. As such, the town's economy declined. Many people moved away and the economy was nearly in shambles. However, in the mid-1980s, there was a brief revival in the town's economy, as young families moved there to take advantage of the low cost of living.

Today, Warsaw is a small census-designated place with a population of about 1,500.

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