Under the Radar is a mission in the mod.


  • Drive to Lis' house and stay off the main roads


During free roam, Neil gets a phone call from Clark

Neil: Hi Clark, how goes it?

Clark: Just fine and dandy. Listen, I got your still ready for when you wanna come by and pick it up.

Neil: Sounds good, I'll drop by when I get a minute.

Neil hangs up. The mission "Under the Radar" is now available at Clark's scrapyard

Once the player arrives at Clark's scrapyard, a cutscene occurs with the mission

Neil and Clark are loading the still onto the back of Neil's pickup truck, conversing as they do it

Neil: So thanks for helping me out with this, Clark.

Clark: No problem, I was looking for an excuse to get rid of that old hippie van anyway.

Neil: *Laughs* I can imagine!

Once they load the still into the back of the truck, the two of them close the tailgate and converse

Clark: So, where's this going?

Neil: To a friend's place, they got somewhere I can actually put this.

Clark: That's nice. Oh, before you scoot off, be sure to stay off the main roads.

Neil: Eh...any reason?

Clarks: The cops, you know? They'll go after you once they see what you got in the back-

Neil: Ah, right, right, gotcha.

Neil enters his truck as Clark waves goodbye and walks away

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive to Lis' house while avoiding main roads as not to attract police attention. During the drive, Neil calls Lis

Lis: Hello?

Neil: Hey Lis-

Lis: Oh, Neil, hi.

Neil: Hi, anyway, I got the still and I'm running it over your way.

Lis: Ah, alright. Yeah, I got a spot set up in my garage for it.

Neil: Great, it won't be found by anyone or anything?

Lis: Not really, no. If anyone does find it, I'll just say it's something else like...uh...a science project or something.

Neil: Didn't you graduate?

Lis: Fuck, alright, I'll make up something by the time you get here.

Neil: Fine by me. I'll see you soon.

The player arrives at Lis' house. Upon arrival, a cutscene occurs

Neil walks around to the back of his truck and opens the tailgate into Lis' driveway as Lis walks out of her garage, greeting Neil as she walks out

Lis: Yo Neil.

Neil: you wanna help me with this? C'mon-

Lis: *Over Neil* Alright, alright, I got it here.

Lis and Neil take the still off the truck's bed and put it down on the driveway

Lis: So, how's this gonna work?

Neil: Well, this here's the furnace, so you're gonna want to put it up to about-

The scene then cuts to Neil walking out of Lis' house a few hours later, muttering to himself

Neil: Well, that went better than expected.

Mission Passed