Tornado is the third car theft mission in the mod. It involves Neil stealing a rusty Tornado from rednecks.


Neil walks into Lew's office and finds him looking at the map hanging on his wall once again. Neil walks up next to him and looks over the map alongside him

Lew: You did good finding that Landstalker, Neil.

Neil: Hell, no problem.

Lew: Right, this might be a problem, though.

Neil: Problem...what do you mean?

Lew: Problem as in the car is way out here.

Lew points at an empty part of the map

Neil: So, I'm stealing a car way out in the woods?

Lew: Yeah. I mean, I don't need the car. If anything, I just need the trunk handle for a collector, but, you know...

Neil: Whole car?

Lew: Whole car, yeah.

Neil: Alright, I'm on it.

Neil walks out of the office

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to go to the abandoned part of the woods Lew pointed out, which is far away from any main roads

The player arrives at the abandoned part of the woods. The player is then instructed to steal the Tornado, which is parked in an abandoned barn. Upon arrival, two rednecks take notice of Neil and shoot at him with shotguns'. It is optional for the player to engage the rednecks in combat

Redneck 1: Hey, Cletus, this yankee's trying to steal old bessie?

Redneck 2: My wife?

Recneck 1: No, the car!

The player enters the Tornado'. The player is instructed to drive it back to Lew's garage

The player parks the Tornado in Lew's garage

Mission Passed