Too Easy is a car theft mission in the mod. The mission involves Neil stealing a Feltzer.


Neil walks into Lew's office and finds him talking on a telephone. Neil is about to say something, but Lew gestures him to be silent. 'Neil sits down on a couch as Lew continues talking

Lew: Right, right...right, it's the Feltzer down near the diner...yeah...I'll get it for you, not a problem. Hey, my guy just walked in, so I gotta split, right? Right, later on.

Lew puts the phone down and addresses Neil

Lew: So, Neil, how goes it?

Neil: Nothing much, said something about an order for a car?

Lew: Right. Hell, I just got off the phone with the guy who needed it.

Neil: So, what's the car?

Lew: One of those German sports cars, like a Feltzer.

Neil: Oh, fancy.

Lew: Indeed. I got word that there's one parked at the diner outside of town, evidently the owner is some food critic or some shit. Anyway, take it, and bring it here.

Neil: Sure, that's too easy.

Neil gets up to leave, but right as he opens the door, Lew calls out to him, stopping him

Lew: know what you're doing, right?

Neil: Of course, you're working with the best.

Neil walks out of the office

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive to the diner where the Feltzer is located

The player reaches the diner. The player is instructed to steal the Feltzer

The player breaks into and enters the Feltzer. The player is instructed to drive the Feltzer back to Lew's garage. On the way, Neil comments to himself

Neil: I knew it was too easy.

The player parks the Feltzer in Lew's garage

Mission Passed