Todd, smiling happily in a photo

Todd Myall is Neil's 18-year old Nephew in the mod.


Todd Myall was born in Vice City in 1995 to Neil's brother, Lewis. In 1999, Todd was sent to live with his uncle, Neil Myall, when Lewis was arrested for murdering his wife and a dozen other people on a crystal meth binge. After moving to Ludendorff, He met and befriended the neighborhood kids, Liz, Kane, and Trey.

Todd began to rebel in his teens, eventually skipping school, smoking weed ,and commited diverse acts of vandalism until he was arrested, at the age of 15, for breaking into a parked car. Since then, Neil tried to convince Todd to enlist in the army to straighten him out, but eventually gave up.


Todd, as mentioned by others, isn't a very smart person and is legally borderline retarded, as stated by Neil. This is shown in dialogue, as he speaks with slow, simple words and is usually put down by others due to that, even reffering to him as "dumb muscle" a scapegoat for certain situations. He often gives Liz and the others decent advice that is usually ignored, which ends up getting them both into trouble, implying that Todd is much smarter than he lets on.