The bar's plans

The Shillelagh is a bar located in Warsaw, West Virginia. It is frequented by Neil Myall, and as such is a hotspot for in-game activity


The origins of the Shillelagh date back to the 18th century, when the Polish and Irish settlers who founded the town agreed to build a place where they could flee from their spouses. The original bar burned down in 1853 after some divergences between two common customers went a little too far. Due to the urge of alcohol of the locals, it was rebuilt soon after. During the Civil War, the Shillelagh was used as headquarter of the confederated Cherokees.

When the industrial revolution arrived to the region, the bar became frequented by the coal miners. The huge arrival of Irish immigrants lead the bar to be renamed to its actual name, the Shillelagh. Currently, the bar is frequented by hunters who won't hesitate to bother and challenge you with their exagerated "Man-versus-Beast" stories, and other local and peculiar folks. On the weekends, there are live music performances, making the Shillelagh one of the main night life spots of the town, not to mention the only.


The interior of the bar is a few feet under the street level, thus prompting the use of stairs when entering. The floor is made of old wood planks, dark color. The stage, instead, has a lighter plank color. The walls are made of bricks.

Parallel to the bar top, there's a row of stools, and parallel to them a row of booths. For its part, the area next to the stage has a bunch of circular tables, with some seats, everything at a lower height than the others previous mentioned. In the right side of the local, where the pool is located, there aren't windows so the illumination is darker.

The Shillelagh is located in a two-story brick building near a street corner on Warsaw's main street, along with a small parking lot behind the building.