Soccer Mom is the second car theft mission in the mod. It involves Neil stealing a White Landstalker.


Neil walks into Lew's office as Lew is looking at a map of Warsaw posted on the wall behind his desk. Neil joins Lew at looking at the map

Neil: Hows the topography going?

Lew: I ain't looking at the land, I'm looking for where-

Neil: "Where" where?

Lew: Where I'd be able to steal a Landstalker.

Neil: Hmm. Beats me.

Lew: Likewise. But I've got a theory. See, here-

Lew waves his hand over various parts of the map as he talks

Lew: -You've got your houses and shit. Over here, you've got your, uh...

Neil: Main street?

Lew: Yeah, yeah, you've got your main street there. Now, the kinds of people who drive around in these SUVs are mainly yuppie soccer moms, who either sit around at home, or go out shopping. I need you to find a white Landstalker and bring it to me.

Neil: How do I know that I get the right one?

Lew: Believe me, you'll know.

Neil shrugs and walks out of the office

The player regains control of Neil. The player is instructed to search the suburban part of Warsaw for the white Landstalker

The player finds the Landstalker parked in someone's driveway. The player is instructed to steal the Landstalker

The player steals the Landstalker. The player is then instructed to drive the Landstalker back to Lew's garage

Neil parks the Landstalker in Lew's garage

Mission Passed