Smuggling is an activity in the mod.


Smuggling is an activity within the mod which involves Neil smuggling drugs, weapons, and other forms of contraband from point A to point B on the map. The player can smuggle various items, such as drugs, moonshine, and weapons. 

There are three "parts" of smuggling, such as:

The AttackEdit

The Attack involves the player, as the name implies, attacking their competition's operation, or alternatively, defending your own assets. Being the attacker allows the player to collect the competition's profits, as well as their cache of drugs, weapons, etc.

The PurchaseEdit

The Purchase involves the player going to a location to buy contraband and transport it back to their location. Purchases are made in bulk in anything from marijuana to assault rifles, all of which have varying prices. However, some deals may be ambushed either by the seller, a rival gang, or law enforcement.

The RunEdit

The Run involves the player moving a cache of contraband in bulk to their appropriate destinations.

Things that can be smuggledEdit

  • Cocaine - A drug that, if taken, provides similar effects to Trevor's "rage mode" in GTA 5. It lasts about thirty minutes in-game time.
  • Counterfeit Cash - Fake dollar bills that can be given to Neil or, alternatively, sold to someone else. If used at a store, there is a chance the clerk will identify it to be a fake and call the police.
  • Ecstacy - A club drug that increases the potency of music. The dancing minigame is available at raves while under it's effect.
  • Moonshine - A drink that doubles your hand-to-hand/melee damage at the cost of steadiness.
  • Pills - A drug that can be used to restore Neil's health, similar to the painkillers in Max Payne.
  • Weapons - Excess weapon pickups that can be bought/stolen from arms dealers or sold to. These weapons cannot be used by Neil.