The reference for Sarah's hair

Sarah Hansen is a main character in the mod.


Sarah was born in 1978 in Warsaw. She spent the majority of her life in Warsaw and hasn't almost been out of the state. During her childhood, she used to leave Warsaw to go to Ohio, where her grandmother lived. As time progressed, living in Warsaw has made her feel increasingly frustrated, as she wishes to someday have the money to move out and travel around the USA.

She currently works at "The Shilleleagh", a bar that Neil often visits, and lives in an apartment along Warsaw's mains street. She drives a Regina "woodie" wagon.


Sarah is easily frustrated with many things, the most frustrating comming from the fact that she's spent her whole life in Warsaw and hasn't seen the rest of the world. Despite this, she usually comes off as being cheerful and happy when she's around people who don't know her frustrations.