The Regina from TLAD

The Dundreary Regina is a station wagon featured in the mod. It shares the same body as TLAD's rendition of the Regina, but has an improved engine that doesn't sputter as much. It replaces the Stratum station wagon.

Larry's ReginaEdit

Larry Muller, Liz's ex boyfriend, owns a Regina, which is parked in front of his video rental store. It is similar to the stock Regina, but with a fixed-up red paintjob on the roof and body. There are a good deal of details on it, such as:

  • The phrase "14/88 dumb nigger kike spic" is crudley written on the rear window in graffiti
  • A swastika is painted on the roof
  • There are many anti-immigration, neo-nazi, and numerous other racist bumper stickers literally covering the entire rear tailgate