The tree the soldier is trapped in.

The North Korean Soldier is a random character in the mod. Neil comes across him dangling from a tree in the middle of a field, having his parachute caught on a tree branch. The Soldier will yell at Neil in Korean, only for Neil to humorously misidentify him as a tourist. After cutting him free, the soldier attempts to kill Neil, to which the player will have to kill him.

First Encounter ScriptEdit

Neil walks up to the tree and finds the North Korean Soldier, dangling from a tree limb from his parachute

Neil: Hey, okay?

Soldier: *Korean* Hey-Hey! You're the first American I've come across!

Neil: It's pretty unfortunante that out of all the places you've come to land, you landed in a tree...that's in an open field-

Soldier: *Korean* Get me down, American! Get me down from this tree so the attack against the capatalist pigs can begin!

Neil: Hey, ain't from around here, are you?

The soldier looks sternley at Neil as Neil waits for a few seconds for a reply

Neil: Alright, I'll cut you down.

Neil climbs up the trunk of the tree, pulls out a butterfly knife from his pocket, and cuts off one of the soldier's parachute lines as he talks to him

Neil: Believe it or not, Warsaw's a neat little place to visit. Yeah, we've got a good Chinese food place, and some old coal mine. Hell, we're half an hour from Carcer City, which is pretty cool.

Neil cuts off the parachute lines as the soldier falls to the ground. Neil climbs down the tree to talk to him as the soldier picks himself up

Neil:, do you need a lift or something?

Soldier: *Korean* You have helped me land in America, and for that I am grateful. However, I have to show no mercy to my enemies. I'm sure you Americans understand.

Neil: I don't speak what you're speaking, buddy. Speak English-

As Neil talks, the Soldier pulls out an AKMS from his back holster and takes aim at Neil'. Once Neil notices, Neil takes cover behind the tree as the Soldier opens fire on him

Neil: Shit!

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to kill the soldier. During the fight, Neil calls out to the soldier

Neil: Damnit! I was just trying to be friendly!