Nazi Hunters is a mission in the mod.


  • Go to the scrapyard
  • Grab a bike and kill Larry


Neil walks up to Lis' house and catches Lis walking out with an UZI. As she walks out, Neil stops her

Neil: Hey, where you going with that gun-

Lis: Ah, long story short I'm gonna go out and kick Nazi ass.

Neil: Yeah...alright. So, you want me to come along or you got this?

Lis thinks for a few seconds

Lis: Might as well come, I need a ride.

Lis and Neil both walk off Lis' lawn

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive to the scrapyard where the Nazis are working. During the drive, a conversation erupts

Neil: Where we going?

Lis: This old scrapyard outside of town-

Neil: I know the one. Anyway, what're we doing there? Finding more parts for your riceburner?

Lis: Ha, bite me. No, we're looking for the leader of this Nazi gang. Larry Muller's his name, and I heard from the grapevine he hangs out around the scrapyard, so why not get him there, you know?

Neil: Alright, beats what I already had planned for today.

The player arrives at the scrapyard. After arriving, a cutscene occurs

Lis and Neil walk towards the end of the scrapyard where they meet Larry and a group of other Nazis. As they arrive, Lis calls out to them

Lis: Was geht, fotzen? *What's up, cunts?*

Larry: Who the fuck're you?

Lis: What, you don't remember me?

Larry: Lis? I told you to leave me be you cunt!

Larry runs to a Sanchez and rides away on it as Lis calls out to him

Lis: That's right you fucker! Run like the cunt you are!

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to get on a nearby Sanchez. As he does so, Lis yells out to him

Lis: Neil, get a bike! I'll stay here and deal with these guys!

Once Neil gets on a bike, the player is tasked with having to chase after Larry and kill him. During the chase, Larry and Neil will yell at each other

Larry: I'll fuck you as hard as I fucked Lis!

Neil: You're really making your whole "anti-semetic" quest look good, what with you running away from that with your tail between your legs!

Larry: You don't even know her man!

Neil: Who says I don't?

The player kills Larry

Mission Passed