Mullet Mastermind is a mission in the mod.


  • Steal Gary's squad car
  • Drive it to the truck stop without damaging it
  • Deliver the car back without getting damaged
  • Leave the area


Neil walks into Alice's Restaurant and finds Miller eating at his booth. Neil sits down across from him as Miller addresses him

Miller: Nice to see you made it.

Neil: Why wouldn't I? Anyway, what's going on?

Miller: This guy in the department, Gary MacDonald, he's trying to get a higher position in the department that I've been chasing for years.

Neil: Oh...alright.

Miller: This doesn't concern you?

Neil: Nope.

Miller: What if I told you with this position, I can look into Rodney quicker than white on rice?

Neil thinks for a few seconds before Miller addresses him again

Miller: He always keeps his car parked outside of the station. Take it, bring it to the truck stop. I'll put something in it, and take it back to where you found it. I'll see you there.

Miller gets out of the booth and walks out of the restaurant

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to steal Gary's squad car

The player steals his car. The player is instructed to drive the car to the truck stop without damaging it

The player arrives at the truck stop. After arriving, a cutscene occurs

Miller opens up the trunk of the car and puts bags of drugs in it as Neil leans out the window and they converse

Neil: What're you putting back there?

Miller: Some random shit I pulled from the evidence locker.

Neil: But won't the other cops get suspicious if they see him with all the stuff from the evidence locker?

Miller: Don't be an idiot, they'll think he stole it!

Neil: But aren't you two, like, at each other's throats? Just saying.

Miller: Yeah...just let me deal with that, you just get this back to the station.

Miller shuts the trunk lid and walks away

The player regains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive back to the police station without damaging the vehicle

The player returns the car. The player is then instructed to drive to leave the area

The player leaves the area

Mission Passed