Mike's model

Mike van Boven is a character in the mod.


Mike was born in Warsaw in 1995. His mother died of unspecified reasons, thus leaving his father to raise him in their house outside of town. Mike went to school with Lis and became friends, with the both of them attending raves and graduating class together. He currently works at the local hobby shop, which is owned by his father. 

Mike, having worked at his father's hobby shop, is an electronics expert, being able to build makeshift weapons and put them on RC Vehicles. On top of that, he is also skilled in research/intelligence, shown by him looking up Neil's army records in an early mission. Mike is also a die hard conspiracy theorist, believing that aliens, zombies, or the CIA are going to invade the town. He is also delusional, believing himself to be a real-life ninja. 


  • Mike drives a pale blue Bobcat pickup truck.