Midnight Club is a mission in the mod.


  • Win the race


During free roam after Mrs. Koma is Coming, Lis calls Neil

Neil: Hello?

Lis: Hey, Neil, it's Lis.

Neil: Lis? How'd you get my number?

Lis: Internet. Anyway, I'm wondering if you wanna, like, hang out or anything like that. I mean, you're old enough to be my dad, but you seem cooler than my dad.

Neil: Well thanks, uh...sure. Yeah, I got time.

Lis: Neat. Hey, bring a car and meet me at the truck stop off the interstate. You ever street race before?

Neil: No.

Lis: Aw man, you're gonna love it! I'll see you there, amigo.

Lis hangs up. The mission "Midnight Club" is now available

The player arrives at the truck stop with a vehicle, begining the mission and it's introduction cutscene

Neil walks up to Lis who is talking to another street racer at the truck stop. Throughout the cutscene, the camera will be at an angle where Neil's car is never shown

Neil: Hey Lis.

Lis: Hey Neil! *To other racer* Alright Mick, I'll talk to you later.

The other street racer walks away as Neil & Lis talk

Lis: So, you ready for this?

Neil: *Chuckles* What am I ready for? One of those underground races you see in those films?

Lis: Pretty much. Look at this.

Lis unfolds a map and shows it to Neil

Lis: We're racing down the highway, down the offramp, and over to that abandoned meatball factory. You know the one, right?

Neil: Yeah, back when it was still open.

Lis: *Laughs* You're like a walking history book, old man! C'mon, the race is gonna start.

Lis runs over to her car as Neil walks offscreen to his

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to win the race by following checkpoints, starting at the truck stop and finishing at the meatball factory

The player wins the race

Mission passed