Gassed Up is a mission given by Rodney.


  • Get to the union strike by the trucking depot
  • Steal the beer truck
  • Drive the truck back to the gas station


Neil standing behind the counter at the gas station as Rodney calls him into his office

Rodney: Neil! Get in here!

Neil walks into Rodney's office and finds him sitting in an office chair. Rodney turns around in his chair to talk to Neil

Rodney: Neil, did you see that write-up in the paper, about that trucking strike?

Neil: Yeah. And?

Rodney: And that means we can't get any liquor shipments coming in if truckers aren't around to bring it here. So, what do we do?

Neil: I dunno, ration it like they did in the '70s-

Rodney: No! Fuck the '70s, fuck your mullet, it's 2002!

Neil: Okay...but anyway, those truckers are striking so nothing's being shipped anywhere, that's all I know, just some union problem.

Rodney: Right. But I don't need any union problems just to keep this place from getting our shipment. That's where you come in.

Neil: Where do I come in?

Rodney: Get to the trucking depot, take one of those beer trucks, and bring it here.

Neil: Is that legal?

Rodney: Sure it is, I already paid for it to be brought here in the first place.

Neil: But you don't own the truck-

Rodney: *Interrupting* Neil...get it.

Neil throws up his arms in frustration and exits the office

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive to the trucking depot

The player arrives at the trucking depot. The player is instructed to steal a truck with a beer trailer attatched to the back. After entering the trucking depot, a striker yells out at Neil as strikers chase after Neil

Striker: Hey! You can't be in here, we're striking!

The player enters the truck. The player is instructed to drive the truck back to the gas station

The player drives the truck to the gas station. After pulling in, a short cutscene occurs of Neil parking the truck and meeting Rodney, who walks outside to meet Neil at the truck

Rodney: Well damn Neil, you got it.

Neil: I've been working here ten years, you know I haven't messed up once.

Rodney: Yeah, take the rest of the day off. You earned it.

Neil walks away

Mission Passed