Larry, in happier times.

Larry Newhouse is a random character in the mod.


Larry Newhouse is a man in his mid-40s. He spends a lot of his time at The Shillelagh, and is described by many (except for Neil) as a "loser" who's wife left him for Dick Harris. Like Neil, he is a Civil War reenacment enthusiast, and is something the two of them bond together on. Many of Larry's missions involve driving somewhere and Larry commiting a criminal act, with Neil acting as the getaway driver.


*First Encounter - Neil meets Larry at the Shillelagh, sitting in the corner of the bar, drinking a beer. Neil tries to talk to him about civil war reenacments, but Larry seems disinterested. When asked what's wrong, Larry tells Neil that his wife ran off with Dick Harris, the used car salesman. Neil expresses his pitty and asks if there's anything he can do for Larry. Larry then asks Neil to drive him to a local police station to finalize some divorce papers. Neil accepts the offer, and drives Larry to the police station. Upon arrival at the police station, Larry tells Neil to wait in the car as he goes inside to finalize the papers. Neil waits in the car as Larry goes inside and after a few seconds, Larry runs out of the station with cops chasing after him. The player then has to loose a two-star wanted level. During the pursuit, Neil asks Larry what happened, only for Larry to reply that "he had an objection." After loosing the police, Neil drops Larry off at his house, completing the encounter.

*Second Encounter - Neil meets Larry again at the Shillelagh, sitting in the same corner of the bar. Neil asks Larry how he's holding up and he says he's doing good, but has to go to the bank along main street to make a withdrawl from his account, and asks Neil to drive him there. Neil accepts and gives him a ride, but asks him if the bank is the same one his ex-wife worked at. Larry confirms it, and says he's only going to be in for a minute. After waiting a few seconds at the bank, gunshots are heard and Larry rushes out. The player then has to loose a four-star wanted level. After loosing the police, Neil drops Larry off at his house, humorously telling him to learn how to drive, ending Larry's missions.


  • Larry resembles Al Borland from "Home Improvement" in terms of physique and clothing.
  • Larry lives next door to Trey on the northern part of Warsaw.