Giving A Lift is a mission in the mod.

Mission Objectives Edit

  • Drive Bernie to the truck stop

Script Edit

Neil is about to walk into his trailer when he is stopped by his neighbor, Bernie

Bernie: Hey man!

Neil turns around to converse with Bernie

Neil: Bernie, man, how goes it?

Bernie: Just fine and swell, got a meeting with some mob guys down in Liberty today-

Neil: Oh yeah?

Bernie: Yeah, big deal, man, they want guns, lots of 'em. Evidently there's some gang war or whatever going down over there and shit.

Neil: Yeah, well, so long as you're running the show from behind the scenes with your guns and stuff, you ain't got nothing to worry about.

Bernie: What's that supposed to mean?

Neil: Nothing, don't think much into it-

Bernie: Hey, hey, uh...I don't mean to ask a lot of you, but do you reckon you can give me a ride over to where I'm meeting them at? I'd to it myself, but my car's in the shop.

Neil: Yeah, might as well. I just lost my job so, yeah. I'll take any break I can get now.

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive Bernie to the truck stop. On the way there, a conversation erupts

Neil: So how'd you get your car in the shop? I mean damn, you take care of that thing to where it's like your kid or something.

Bernie: It ain't my fault, some dog ran in front of me and I wrecked it up a tree.

Neil: Ahh, that old trick in the book?

Bernie: It ain't no trick, I was running some moonshine from some farmer and I wrecked the entire thing.

Neil: That's a bummer.

Bernie: Yeah, but hey! If this meeting goes good with the mob, I'll be set, man, ready and all able to pay him back for all his wrecked moonshine.

Neil: I'm just thrilled for you.

Bernie: Hell yeah. Hell, I might even tell them about you, didn't you loose your job?

Neil: Yeah, it's shitty. That and I'm doing this thing already with some of the kids who helped me sorta keep my job, I dunno. I'm up for anything at this point, don't got nothing to loose.

Bernie: What about your daughter?

Neil: She's a smart girl, she knows what to do when she needs to do it.

Bernie: What about your ex wife?

Neil: Her vows were unkempt. I hope she lung cancer.

Bernie: And your model trains-

Neil: What's that got to do with anything?

Bernie: Nothing at all, just to see how much you have to loose.

Neil: Allow me to put it in another way...I got stuff to loose, but that stuff outweighs what I don't have to loose by to twenty-no, thirty.

Bernie: Damn.

Once Neil stops at the truck stop, Bernie speaks to Neil before exiting the car and walking away

Bernie: I'll tell these guys about you, hopefully it all goes good.

Mission Passed