Moonshine-Making strandEdit


Protag: Neil

Neil walks into The Shillelagh and finds Martin, his friend and fellow union worker, drinking up at the bar. Neil joins them and they talk a little while about the union issues, before coming to the question as to how they're going to "put food on the table". Neil says that his wife's job should keep them financially stable until he finds another job, briefly considering a job as a locomotive engineer. Martin laughs, and tells Neil that he's now brewing his own moonshine. Neil says that brewing moonshine seems like an "interesting hobby", to which Martin cuts him off and tells him that it's a full-time job for him, and offers Neil to join him. Neil, while hesitant about comitting crimes, accepts the idea that it's a "victimless crime".

Neil and Martin leave the bomb and drive over to an RV park near the resivoir where some rednecks are storing their own moonshine. They catch the rednecks driving out of the park in a Boxville van. Neil and Martin stop the van and either steal it or kill it's occupants and drive away with it. Regardless of the method, Neil & Martin drive the van to Martin's storage unit located in the industrial district of town.

Once they drop the moonshine off, Martin takes the kegs off and pays Neil, before telling him to "get rid of the van" as he carts the kegs inside the building. Neil then destroys the van outside of town, passing the mission.

Moonshine MassacreEdit

Protag: Neil

Martin calls Neil, telling him to meet him at the storage unit, telling him that he thinks "something's fishy".

Neil meets him at the storage unit and Martin tells him that he thinks somebody rigged his unit with a bomb. Neil laughs, eventually telling Martin that he's always been paranoid, before opening the door himself. An explosion occurs, blowing Neil & Martin back from the unit and sending them flying into a wall. As they recover from the explosion, a group of rednecks enter the building and begin opening fire at them.

Neil & Martin shoot and kill the rednecks and make their escape from the building, citing that it's going to collapse soon. After running into many dead-ends, they finally escape from the warehouse together.

Neo-Nazi strandEdit

Pink Slips & Black EyesEdit

Protag: Liz

Liz is dancing hakken on the dancefloor in Digital Underground as Todd comes up to her. He tells her that someone wants to see her in the office. Liz asks who it is, only for Todd to reply "you'd better see for yourself". Liz enters the office, only to find her neo-nazi ex boyfriend, Larry Muller, sitting in a chair in the office. He also has his friend with him, who is reffered to only as "cunt". Liz, shocked, demands to know what he's doing in her club, which Larry states that he has an offer for her, and despite hesitating, Liz walks out of the club with him and Todd so he can show her something.

The three of them walk out of the club together and Larry shows off a new vehicle he "stole from a nigger lawyer", which is a vandalized Regina station wagon, and challenges Liz to a pink slip race. Even though Liz tells him that a pink slip race doesn't count if a car's stolen, Larry and Cunt eventually convince Liz to race them down a rural road. Liz hesitantly agrees, just to get them to leave her be. She goes alone, while Larry goes with Cunt.

They arrive at the deserted rural road and race from the intersection they start at to a truck stop near the interstate. Liz wins the race and proudly exclaims it to Larry and Cunt, telling them to "get the fuck out of town". Larry, angered, grabs Liz by the neck, slams her face on the hood of his station wagon, and drives away as Cunt steals Liz's Sultan, leaving her abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

Barberville Terror CorpsEdit

Protag: Liz

Liz meets Kane and Todd at Breakfast In America to tell them that Larry stole her car and they need to get it back. They agree to help her out, and after a phone call from Trey reveals where the car is being kept, they leave the diner in search for it.

Liz, Kane, & Todd drive to the car's last known location, which was a scrapyard located outside of town. During the drive, they try to think of what to call themselves, seeing as "the faggots in Ludendorff" have a name for themselves. They then throw out names to eachother, many of which are rewordings of gabber artists, before finally settling on "Barberville Terror Corps", a play on "Rotterdam Terror Corps".

They arrive at the scrapyard and find Cunt trying to sell Liz's Sultan to the owner of the scrapyard. The owner refuses to buy it, due to the lack of proper ownership. During the argument, Liz, Todd, and Kane walk up to Cunt. Kane slams Cunt's head on the roof multiple times, knocking him out, as Liz gets enters the car. Todd and Kane then put Cunt in the trunk of the car as the owner runs inside his office to call the police, yelling out "Fucking antisocial punks!"

Liz drives out of the scrapyard and loses a two-star wanted level with Todd and Kane, along with Cunt in the trunk. After she loses her wanted level, they ponder on what to do with Cunt. Todd replies that they can keep Cunt at Trey's house. Once they arrive at Trey's house, a cutscene occurs.

Trey is practicing ninja-kicks in his backyard as Todd, Kane, & Liz arrive, carrying Cunt's body. Trey asks what they're doing with his body, to which Liz replies that they need to keep Cunt somewhere until he wakes up, and suggests keeping him in Trey's basement. Trey tries to convince them to find somewhere else to keep the body, but eventually gives in after Kane threatens him into letting them keep the body there.

Alles Kaputt (All Broken)Edit

Protag: Liz

Kane, Todd, Trey, and Liz are intimidating Cunt in Trey's basement. Cunt tells them that Larry owns a video rental store and uses the funds from it to help fund Nazi rallies. Liz finds a baseball bat in the corner of Trey's room and takes it, telling the others that they're going to smash it up. As they leave the basement, Trey offers to go with them, to which Kane threatens Trey to keep him in the basement.

Liz, Kane, and Todd drive over to Larry's video rental store wielding baseball bats. Kane intimidates the store clerk as Todd and Liz smash up the shelves with the bats. After they smash up the store, they leave, completing the mission.

Burger BrawlEdit

Protag: Liz

Kane, Todd, & Liz are smoking marijuana in front of the 24/7, when Cunt walks past them. They realize that, for some reason or another, he escaped from Trey's basement. Kane decides to go over to Trey's house to "kick his ass" over letting him out as Liz and Todd chase after Cunt.

Cunt runs away from Todd and Liz, who chase him through the streets, eventually reaching Brutal Burger. It turns out that there are multiple neo-nazis in the Brutal Burger parking lot, and Cunt led them into an ambush. The neo-nazis open fire on Todd & Liz, prompting them to fire back.

Todd and Liz kill all the attacking nazis, including Cunt. Liz and Todd both flee the scene, with Liz calling Trey to ask what happened with Cunt, to which Trey told him that he had to leave his house to go to work. Liz asks if he saw Kane yet, to which Trey says "no". Liz then tells Trey to watch out for Kane before hanging up.

A Proper FightEdit

Protag: Liz

During gameplay, Liz gets a phonecall from Larry. Liz asks where Larry got her number, to which Larry dodges the question and tells Liz that he wants to have a "proper fight", unlike the last one where Cunt was killed at. Liz agrees, and tells him to meet her at their former high school's football field. Liz agrees to meet him there, and then calls Todd to tell him to "round up everybody who wants a fight" to meet her at the football field.

Liz meets Todd, Kane, & a group of ravers at her end of the football field as a group of Neo Nazis arrive at the other end. As they approach eachother in the middle, Liz notices that Larry isn't there, stating that he bailed out of the fight. Nevertheless, Kane claims this is an opportunity to "take some skinheads out of the gene pool".

Liz and the rest of the BTC fight the Neo Nazis on the football field, using nothing but fists and melee weapons (as a reference to football hooligan fights). After the fight, Liz and the rest of the gang leave the school grounds, with Liz telling them that she'll get to the bottom of it herself, and the rest of them just have to "worry about the club".

Light My FireEdit

Protag: Liz

Liz is going through her garage, looking for a jerrycan of gasoline. As she searches, her dad catches her. He asks her what she's looking for, to which Liz replies that she's looking for some paint thinner to strip paint off her friend's house. Her dad then leaves as Liz finds the jerrycan of gasoline. underneath a work bench.

Liz drives to Larry's trailer, which is located in a trailer park outside of town. After arriving at the trailer park, she sneaks through the trailer park up to Larry's trailer. After she reaches Larry's trailer, Larry exits, enters his station wagon, and drives away. Liz then pours a trail of gasoline from Larry's propane grill to the outside gate of the trailer park and ignites it.

Once the gas trail is ignited and Larry's trailer blows up, Liz flees the scene before the police arrive, completing the mission.


Protag: Liz

Liz is sitting in her room in the middle of the night, playing "Game Of Hats" on her computer when a rock breaks through her window. Liz angrilly goes over to her window, only to find that Larry threw the rock. Liz yells at Larry, accusing him of being a "faggot pussy cocksucker cunt" who won't stay and fight. After a few harrassing jabs from Larry, Larry gets into his station wagon and drives away, prompting Liz to jump out the window and give chase,

Liz enters either her Sultan or her parent's pickup truck and chases Larry though some corn fields before Larry crashes his car into a grain elevator. He then exits the car and climbs up the grain elevator. Liz chases after him, yelling out "What the fuck're we doing on a roof!? You looking for a fucking cliche!?"

Once Liz reaches the roof of the grain elevator, she finds that Larry is nowhere to be found. She panics and quickly begins looking around her, calling out Larry's name. Larry then comes up from behind Liz and puts her in a headlock. Liz, in the headlock, pushed Larry back up against one of the silo walls, surprising him and allowing Liz to escape Larry's headlock.

Liz fights Larry on the roof of the elevator. After killing Larry, Liz climbs down from the elevator and calls Trey, telling him that it's all done, and thanking him for his help.

Angels of Death strandEdit

Easy RiderEdit

Protag: Neil

After being freed from the prison convoy, Neil goes to the Angels Of Death clubhouse to confront them about breaking up their strike.

Neil goes to the AOD clubhouse. He's stopped by some bikers in the door, who shortly let him in after Rob, the chapter president, allows him in. Neil asks why they broke up their strike, to which Rob explains that he hasn't recieved his cut of the union dues. As such, Neil will have to work for him in order to compensate the losses. Neil is about to attack him, but a group of bikers slam his head on the bartop and throw him out the door as Rob tells him to "come back after you've calmed down".

The Wild OnesEdit

Protag: Neil

Neil enters the clubhouse in a calmer mood and walks up to Rob. He asks Rob if doing his jobs will get rid of his debt to them, which he claims is correct. He then explains to Neil that a semi truck carrying weapons from Canada will be passing town through the interstate, and he's wanting to send Neil out to assault it. Neil snarkilly replies that he can't do that because he isn't dressed in club colors, to which Rob presents Neil with an AOD vest before sending him on his way with a group of other bikers to steal the semi.

Neil, who was provided a motorcycle at the begining of the mission, rides to the interstate with some other bikers. Eventually, they come across the truck, driving down the road. The other bikers cover Neil on their bikes as Neil jumps from his bike to the back of the trailer. Neil climbs to the roof of the trailer and makes his way across the roof of the trailer, before jumping onto the cab and climbing into the passenger seat. After a short shootout in the truck's cab with the driver, Neil comandeers the truck.

Once Neil becomes the truck's driver, Neil drives it back to the clubhouse, passing the mission.

Going StatesEdit

Protag: Neil

Neil enters the clubhouse, only to find Rob playing pool. Rob informs Neil that one of their members has "Gone States" and plans on testifying against the gang. He then asks Neil to "take care of the problem".

Neil goes to where the defector is, which is an old cabin near a coal mine, which is being watched by the FIB. Once Neil arrives and kills the FIB agents, the defector flees on a dirtbike. Neil gets on a nearby dirtbike and chases the defector around the coal mine, through the countryside, and eventually to the train yard, where the defector's bike crashes into a boxcar. 

Once the defector crashes the bike, Neil can kill him as he lays in pain next to the wreck. Once he kills the defector, the mission is passed.

Have A DrinkEdit

Protag: Neil

Neil is about to walk into the clubhous, but finds Rob sulking on the front doorsteps to the club. When Neil asks what's wrong, Rob sullenly claims that another biker, Danny, is dating a female cop and is about to betray him. Neil tries to play down the issue by claiming that he is paranoid and tells him to "Have a drink", to which Rob angrilly raises his voice and tells Neil he hasn't drank in ten years. Rob gives Neil the address to Danny's trailer and tells him to kill the couple.

Neil arrives at Danny's trailer and kicks open the door and catches the officer and Danny in bed together. The officer shoots at Neil and tells Danny to jump out of the bedroom window. Neil shoots the officer (the player can decide to fatally kill her or not) and chases Danny, who is leaving in a pick up truck.

After brief chase, Danny's truck overturns while taking too sharp of a turn and lands in a field. Danny, wounded, crawls out of the cab and lays next to it in pain. The player can decide if killing or letting him alive. Regardless of the choice, the mission is passed.

What A PisserEdit

Protag: Neil

Neil finds Rob sitting at the bar in the clubhouse and tells him that the favor from the last mission is done, and asks if his debt is cleared, to which Rob replies that the last one was just a "favor between friends", to which Neil asks "Are we friends"? Rob then gets to the chase - the truckload of weapons Neil stole earlier has to be delivered to the airport, where he will meet members from another AOD chapter from "Down South". Before he leaves, Neil asks if that job will clear his debt, to which Rob replies "maybe".

Neil enters the semi, which is parked around the back, and drives to the airport. Once he arrives at the airport near a hangar, he wanders off to the side of the hangar to urinate. As he urinates, gunshots are heard and the semi explodes. Neil panics and runs from behind the hangar, only to be met with a SWAT team.

Neil fights the SWAT team and looses a 4-star wanted level. After that, he calls Rob and angrilly tells him that he didn't meet any bikers there, rather a SWAT team, and accuses Rob of leading him into an ambush. Rob, on the other hand, accuses Neil of lying him and claims that he "narked himself to the feds". He then reprimands Neil for abusing his generosity, to which Neil further accuses Rob of leading him into a trap. The two end the call on a sour note.

Electronics Warehouse heistEdit


Protag: Liz

Liz is playing video games in her room, when suddenly her parents angrilly storm in. The inform Liz that they have found out about her criminal lifestyle, and confront her over her gang involvement and street racing. When Liz tries to justify it by claiming that "street racing is a victimless crime if done properly" and "not all drugs are lethal", she is kicked out of her house by her parents.

She then drives over to Kane's apartment, calling him on the way and telling him that she got kicked out and needs a place to stay. Kane, excited to have visitors, agrees to let Liz stay at his apartment.

After Liz arrives at Kane's apartment, she sets some ground rules: pizza & beer every night, and she will be using Kane's bed, exiling him to the sofa, to which Kane hesitantly agrees. As they watch television over a beer, Kane tells Liz that she got a job at an electronics warehouse as a forklift driver in order to make money, despite hating every minute of it due to it's boringness. He also tells Liz that he was thinking about robbing it, but after he tells Liz about his plan to "bust in with guns and kick ass", Liz tries to tell him that won't work, instead suggesting they case it out to go in "all secret-like". Kane agrees, offering to take Liz with him next time he goes to work.

Scouting The WarehouseEdit

Protag: Liz

Kane is getting ready to go to work in his apartment as Liz slugishly wakes up. Liz then joins Kane on the way to work, driving him to the warehouse so she can scout out the warehouse. During the drive, Kane tells Liz that they're expecting an inspector to inspect the warehouse.

After driving Kane to work, Liz approaches the warehouse manager and tries to pass herself off as the inspector as Kane enters his forklift and goes about his duties. When questioned about her age by the manager, Liz claims that they "sacked" the old guy and they're hiring younger inspectors. The warehouse then takes Liz on a tour of the warehouse, with Liz asking about the hours of operation, enterances that are left open, security levels, and the like, all while taking pictures throughout the tour. Liz then asks to go up to the roof to inspect the skylights, but arouses the suspicion of the manager, who discovers that Liz isn't the inspector, after the real inspector arrives, along with his entourage.

After being found out, Liz quickly leaves the warehouse, under threat of being tased and arrested. After finding out the information, he calls Kane and Neil, telling them to meet her at the apartment, where she unveils the plan.

Heist preperation - truckEdit

Protag: Neil or Liz

A getaway car is needed for the robbery. As such, a box truck has to be stolen and parked nearby the warehouse.

Heist preperation - boltcuttersEdit

Protag: Neil or Liz

A pair of boltcutters are needed for the robbery. As such, either Neil or Liz has to steal a pair of boltcutters from a construction site and take it to Kane's apartment.

Robbing the WarehouseEdit

Protag: Liz & Neil

Liz and Kane are in Kane's apartment, going over some blueprints that Kane got Liz for the robbery. Neil then walks in, albiet a little bit late. Kane yells at Neil, upset by his late apperance. Kane and Neil almost get into a fight, only to be broken up by Liz, reminding them about the robbery, to which Kane and Neil put aside their differences and focus on the plan.

Neil drives Kane and Liz over to the warehouse in his Nebula. During the drive, Liz goes over the plan: she'll find a truck for the boxes to be loaded up into, Kane will operate the forklift, and Neil will keep a lookout. They all agree to the plan, and Neil parks his car in a nearby field, off the warehouse's property. Once they approach the gate, Kane uses the boltcutters to open the locks to the gate, opening it up. Once the door opens up, Liz leaves the warehouse property to find the getaway truck, leaving Neil as the only protagonist.

They then make their way over to the warehouse itself. Neil climbs a ladder, climbs down a skylight, and opens a door from the inside. Once Kane enters the warehouse and gets on a forklift, Neil calls Liz and tells her that they're in the warehouse and if she has a truck, to which the scene switches to Liz entering the getaway truck.

The player then gains control of Liz, who drives over to the warehouse and backs the truck up to the loading bay, only to be met with gunfire from security guards. Kane and Neil notice Liz's arrival and Kane begins to load the truck up with the boxes he stole with the forklift as Neil and Liz fight off the remaining security guards.

Once the security guards are killed, Kane gets the truck loaded and is ready to go. Liz and Kane enter the truck as Neil runs out to his car. The player now gains control of Neil as he follows the truck to safety, defending the truck from pursuing cops.

Eventually, they lose the police and arrive at Kane's apartment. Neil and Liz say their goodbyes and part ways as the mission is passed

Willem van BovenEdit


Protag: Neil

Neil is watching a war movie in his living room when the doorbell rings. Neil answers it, only to be met by a man in a suit named Willem van Boven. After introducing himself, Neil asks if he recently moved into the neighborhood, which Willem confirms and tells him that he moved in the mountains behind Neil's house. Being a good neighbor, Neil invites Willem in and gives him a beer. Willem then informs Neil that he knows that Neil has been working with the bikers and he is impressed with Neil's work. He then asks Neil if he's good all the time with guns, to which Neil confirms. Neil asks what Willem does for a living, only for Willem to look at his watch and rush out of the house, telling Neil to follow him and he'll explain on the way. Neil agrees, only because he's a "good neighbor".

Neil enters Willem's car and drives to the airport where Willem is planning on meeting somebody. During the trip, Willem tells Neil that he is an arms trafficker from South Africa, before moving to the Netherlands and finally, North Yankton, in order to take advantage of the gun running in the area to sell overseas. He then tells Neil that he has purchased a hangar at the airport, and the seller is giving him "bad vibes". As such, he asks Neil to keep watch over the meeting with a sniper rifle, to which Neil agrees to do.

Once Neil arrives at the airport, he parks behind a nearby hangar and climbs to the roof as Willem meets the seller out front. Willem and the seller get into an argument, but surprisingly, it gets resolved and the seller walks away. After the seller leaves, Willem motions for Neil to meet him in front of the hangar.

After Neil walks up to him in front of the hangar, Willem tells him that he's impressed with Neil's skills, despite Neil not having to fire a shot. Regardless, Willem is impressed by Neil's loyalty and the fact that he didn't "judas him". Willem then tells Neil to meet him at his house before driving away, completing the mission.

Ground Control to Major NeilEdit

Protag: Neil

Neil meets Willem at his house, asking him if he needs any errands done, which Willem states that he does. He asks Neil if he knows how to fly airplanes, which Neil says that he knows a little from watching Todd play video games, before asking what kind of plane it is. Willem tells Neil that a Titan cargo plane is landing at a rural airstrip, and he needs it to help conduct smuggling jobs. Neil then warns Willem that, outside of paratrooping, he has no formal experience with airplanes, only for Willem to tell him to believe in himself. Willem then tells Neil that believing in himself got him to where he is today, describinghis mansion, car collection, and status. Neil then walks out of the mansion, calling out to Willem "consider it done."

Neil drives to the airstrip and finds the Titan sitting in a hangar, being cleaned by an enthusiast. Upon entering the hangar, Neil tells the enthusiast to get down from the plane and that he's stealing it. When the enthusiast whines about it, Neil asks "do you want this to be the same plane you get thrown out of from at 1200 feet?", prompting the enthusiast to run away in fear. Neil then steals the jet and takes off in it.

Once Neil is in the air, he calls Willem and tells him that he has the plane and he'll need help landing it. Willem tells Neil that he'll get over the radio at the airport and help him land it. Once Neil gets near the airport, Willem comes over the plane's radio and helps Neil in landing it. After Neil lands it, taxis it into the hangar, and exits the plane, Willem walks over to him, congragulating him on a job well done.

Through Fire and FlamesEdit

Protag: Neil

During gameplay, Willem will text Neil and tell him to meet him at Digital Underground. Neil meets him in the office, talking with Liz about a homemade flamethrower. Neil greets each of them, finally asking how Liz and Willem know eachother, only for Willem to reply that we wanted to go to the only place in town where they don't water their drinks down. He then tells Neil that one of Liz's friends, Kane, built a flamethrower and wants Neil to test it on a group of bikers who are meeting some rednecks for a weapon deal. Neil agrees to the job, taking the flamethrower and leaving the office.

Neil goes to the meeting spot, which is in a dry riverbed near a trailer park. Neil kills both the rednecks and bikers (presumably with the flamethrower) and steals the pickup truck with the weapons in the back. Neil then drives them back to Willem's house. Once he gets them back to Willem's house, the mission is complete.

Another One Bites The DustEdit

Protag: Neil

Neil meets Willem. Willem gives Neil a briefcase with a dissassembled sniper rifle inside it and instructions to assasinate a rival gun smuggler.

After dropping the equipment off, Neil heads over to where the smuggler is scheduled to be, which is at a bistro. Neil takes the briefcase with him to the roof of a building across the street and assembles it as the smuggler arrives in a limousine, surrounded by guards. Neil takes the shot, killing the smuggler. Neil then has to quickly escape from the area or else the police will arrive and Neil will obtain a three-star wanted level.

After escaping the area and/or police, Neil calls Willem to give him the news.

Breaking & EnteringEdit

Protag: Neil & Liz

Neil and Liz are hired by Willem to break into the offices of Parameter Software and steal a batch of prototype superconductors for the corporation.

Liz and Neil arrive at the office in the middle of the night, with Neil acting as the gunman and Liz as the getaway driver. Liz stays in her car as Neil climbs up a side ladder and enters through the roof. From there, he has to sneak through the second story of the office, searching for the supercomputer while avoiding the security guards. Neil finds and steals the superconductor (which was found in a folder in a corner office), but alerts the security as he leaves the room by accidently knocking over a desk lamp as he leaves, only to fall through a glass wall as he tries to catch it. Eventually, he is led out of the building by security and put into the back of a guard's station wagon.

At this point, Liz has to tail the guard's station wagon as Neil can be heard arguing with the other guards VIA earpiece. One way or another, the guards find out that Liz is following them halfway into the trip and end up driving erratically to the outskirts of town, eventually down a freeway and into some deserted grasslands to confront Liz. Once their car stops, the guards exit the vehicle and open fire on Liz as extra guards surround Liz. Eventually, Liz takes out all the guards and frees Neil. Neil tells Liz to go home and keep a low profile as he leaves to deliver the superconductor.

A Long Way To FallEdit

Protag: Neil

Neil meets Willem at his hangar to deliver the superconductor. After Neil arrives at the hangar, he notices that Willem's gangsters are loading up a cargo plane with weapons. Neil gives Willem the superconductor, which Willem thanks him for. Neil turns to leave the hangar, Willem approaches him and asks him to join him on his flight to the Netherlands. Neil, bewildered by the sudden request, asks why he wants Neil to come, only for Willem to reply that Neil is a "loyal employee" and points that out to the rest of his gangsters. Willem then tells Neil that he will be paid good money from the trip, which Neil agrees is a good reason to go. Neil boards the plane and calls Sarah to tell her that he's going on a "business trip with the union" as Willem gives him a uniform.

The scene then cuts to Willem, Neil, and the pilot in a Titan airplane flying over North Brabant. While they sit in the cockpit, waiting to land, a fighter jet from the Royal Netherlands Air Force flies up next to them and threatens them to land, otherwise they will shoot them down. Willem claims that they have been tipped off, and calls the buyer on his phone, telling him that there will be a delay for the meeting before their plane gets shot at. Neil tells the pilot to make the plane to open the hatch and appear to be going down by executing a nosedive. The pilot complies and Neil tells them all to grab parachutes to jump out of the back. They all leave the cockpit and jump out of back cargo hatch, parachuting down to the ground, eventually landing on the ground in a field. Neil and Willem land safely, but the pilot breaks his legs. As Willem calls the buyer and tells him that they got shot down and where to meet them at, a group of Dutch Soldiers arrive, with Neil commenting that they have "bigger problems to deal with".

Neil and Willem have to stay near the injured pilot, protecting him from gunfire by the army. However, during the firefight, the pilot gets shot and killed, prompting Neil & Willem to make an escape. Once a wave of troops are killed, they escape the field and come across a crate filled with an RPG. Neil takes the RPG and shoots down a helicopter, causing it to go down and crash into a windmill. They then find a pair of dead soldiers and steal their uniforms, activating another cutscene.

Neil and Willem walk towards the road dressed as Dutch Soldiers and find an unoccupied army truck, which turns out is loaded with guns. Willem is overjoyed by the discovery, stating that he could sell this to the buyer instead of having to cancel the deal. He tells Neil to drive the truck and he'll keep on the lookout for any more soldiers. Neil drives the truck down a Dutch country road, eventually passing the still-burning plane wreck, being put out by firemen. They approach the firemen and Willem tells them (in Dutch) that they are going to confiscate the weapons for evidence. The Dutch firemen allow them to, stating that they're done putting the fire out. As they leave, Neil and Willem cheer to themselves, as they're getting a double payday.

The mission ends with Willem dropping Neil off at his house, $500,000 richer.

Crooked CopEdit

White TrashEdit

Protag: Liz

The crooked cop get a hold of Liz and blackmail her into doing errands for her, specifically find, chase, and kill a redneck meth dealer.

The crooked cop arrives at Liz's house with a police car, along with some instructions to search for the redneck's name in the police computer before leaving. Once the cop leaves, Liz searches the guy, and ends up finding him loitering drunkenly at a train station, thanks to his ankle bracelet. After addressing and taunting him over the car's loudspeaker ("...goddamn, I sound so retarded over this thing...don't fucking run away from me, you faggot!")

The redneck runs away and Liz gives chase into the countryside and into a trailer park. Eventually, the the redneck's gang begins fighting Liz. Once Liz kills all the rednecks, she breaks into the redneck's trailer, only to find out that it's a meth lab. The redneck, covered in gasoline and holding a lighter, confronts Liz, about to light herself on fire. Liz, in a panic, jumps out the window and runs away as the trailer blows up.

Evidence TrashEdit

Protag: Liz

The crooked cop informs Liz that she shot and killed a drunk driver during a sobriety test. Even though she claims that it was an accidental discharge, Liz still laughs and claims that "you're fucked, buddy!". Per usual, the cop informs her that she is under her thumb and once again blackmails her into doing the errand.

Liz has to sneak over to the crime scene, which is located in a rural area. Once there, she finds an ambulance leaving the scene, carrying the dead body. Liz hijacks the ambulance, loses her wanted level, and has to ditch it in a resivoir, completing the mission.

Rush HourEdit

Protag: Liz

The crooked cop tells Liz that a job has been available in a higher-up position in the department. However, she is being rivaled by another officer for the position, so she tries to get Liz to plant a bomb in her car and blow it up.

Liz goes to the officer's house and steals her car. From there, she has to drive to a garage, get a bomb planted in the car, and drive it back to the officer's house. The player must be careful as not to damage the car during the trip.

Once the officer enters the car and drives to work, Liz must follow her and detonate the car bomb VIA phone during the car trip before she reaches the station, completing the mission.

Einschüchterung (Intimidation)Edit

Protag: Liz

From her new office, the crooked cop informs Liz that a journalist is going to arrive in town on a train to ask about corruption in the police department, and once again blackmails Liz into taking the journalist out, but to make it "look like an accident".

The cop tells Liz to get a taxi, then pick up the journaist from the train station. The journalist asks Liz to take him to a newspaper office, but Liz informs him that she's being blackmailed into killing him, and then reveals her intentions of driving the car into a resivoir. The journalist panics, telling her that he can't swim, only for Liz to snarkilly reply that "you should've learned that before you died".

Eventually, Liz manages drive the car off a pier, bailing out before the car falls into the water. As the car sinks, the mission is complete.

Locomotive BreathEdit

Protag: Liz & Neil

From her office, the crooked cop tells Liz that the railroad company dropped them from guarding their train yard and instead hired a private security company to do the job. As a result of that, she wants to cause an event that'll convince the railroad company to fire the security company and rehire the police department as security. She suggests breaking into the yard and stealing some boxes, to which Liz agrees to. However, after leaving the office, she calls Neil and informs him that she's planning on derailing a train.

At this point, the player gains control of Neil (who is found playing pool at a bar at the time of the call), who agrees to the plain to relieve boredom. He goes to the train yard as Liz drives to a rail switch outside of town. Neil sneaks into the rail yard, steals a uniform from a locker room, and climbs into a locomotive with a conductor. Neil continues to pilot the train for a while, having a conversation with the conductor. Eventually, the conductor realizes that Neil isn't a real engineer and calls the police, who give chase in a helicopter.

Eventually, a cutscene occurs where Neil sees Liz on the side of the tracks next to the switch. Neil humorously bids farewell to the conductor, climbs out of the cab, and jumps off the front plate as the locomotive passes Liz. Neil picks himself up a the trains takes too sharp of a turn and derails. The player gains control of Liz and is instructed to escape as the police close in on them. Once the police are lost, Liz drops Neil off at his house, passing the mission.

Bad Cop DropEdit

Protag: Liz

During regular gameplay, the cop calls Liz, telling her to meet her atop a warehouse building for a meeting. Liz agrees to meet her there, automatically starting the mission. On the way there, however, she calls Kane to express her suspicions and insists him on joining him, to which he agrees to and meets her in front of the warehouse.

After meeting him, Liz goes upstairs to the roof as Kane stays on the ground. Liz goes up to the roof, only to be confronted by the crooked cop. Liz is then scolded by the officer for linking her to Liz's crimes. After a brief fight, the cop throws Liz over the side of the roof. Liz lands in a dumpster as the cop makes a run for it. Kane rides his motorbike over to Liz as she climbs out of the dumpster. Liz climbs onto the back of the bike as the cop drives away in her car.

As Kane drives the bike, Liz shoots at the officer as the officer tries to escape them. Eventually after a scripted chase, the cop's car ends up hitting a gas pump at a gas station, blowing up on impact. Kane drops Liz off on the corner, passing the mission and ending the crooked cop's mission strands.

Bank Robbery strandEdit

Casing the BankEdit

Protag: Liz

Liz is playing Motor Vehicle Theft V in her room. While the screen isn't shown, dialogue is clearly heard about robbing banks. Liz then comes to the realization that robbing the bank in town can be as easy as robbing one in the video game.

Liz gets in her car and drives to Trey's house. On the way there, she calls Trey, telling him that she's planning on robbing the Maze Bank located downtown. Trey questions the idea, asking if she got the idea from the new "MVT" game that recently came out, only for Liz to reply "Of course". Trey, originally hesitant, joins the plan, partially to alieve boredom, and mainly to make some money for an Alien hunting trip.

Liz picks Trey up at his house and they drive to the bank together. During the ride to the bank, they discuss Motor Vehicle Theft V. Trey claims that the series has lost touch with it's original roots, while Liz says that the new direction is fresh change to the previous installments. Once they arrive at the bank, Trey tells Liz to park across the street from the bank so they can stake it out. Trey points out that, while the bank holds a lot of money, is in the middle of town, not to mention "very cramped". Liz decides to go with the plan to rob the bank, in spite of Trey's disapproval.

Trey then remembers that the sewer system runs below the bank, which could be used for their escape. Trey opens up a sewer map on his phone, and gives Liz the directions to a sewer opening in the river, which Trey says they can use to make their escape. Liz approves of the plan, and then drives Trey to her house to formulate the plan. During the drive, Liz calls Neil and tells him about the plan, which he immediatley hops aboard, saying that he needs money for him and Sarah to "get away". Liz then tells Trey to text Kane to tell him to meet her at her house.

Once Trey and Liz arrive at Liz's farm, they both walk into the garage and set up a plan on a workbench right as Neil walks in. Liz discusses the plan to Neil, that they're going to rob the bank, blow a hole in the floor to escape into the sewer, and make their way out the sewer to freedom. Halfway during explaining it, however, Kane arrives, forcing Liz to repeat the plan. Once she states the plan, she says that they need sticky bombs, a getaway vehicle, and some masks.

Heist Preperation - sticky bombsEdit

Protag: Neil or Liz

Some sticky bombs are needed for the heist. As such, either Neil or Liz have to buy some sticky bombs from a redneck bomb maker in a trailer park.

Heist Preperation - getaway carEdit

Protag: Neil or Liz

A four-door getaway vehicle is needed for the heist. As such, either Neil or Liz have to steal a getaway car and park it near the sewer enterance.

Heist Preperation - masksEdit

Protag: Neil or Liz.

Masks are needed for the robbery, As such, either Neil or Liz have to buy some masks from a mask store.

Sudden WithdrawalEdit

Protag: Neil & Liz

Liz meets Neil, Kane, and Trey outside her house, and after asking each other if they were ready to go through with the robbery, they all enter a van Kane stole to drive to the bank.

On the ride to the bank, Neil asks Liz what made her want to rob a bank, to which Liz replies "video games". Neil criticizes Liz for being too wrapped up in the video games and tells her that she can't tell real life from fiction, "just like Todd". Liz and Trey then explain to Neil that "Motor Vehicle Theft" is one of the most realistic crime simulators on the market, and before the arguement gets out of hand, Kane yells out to the rest of the van's occupants to shut up or else he'll "Sodomize you all with a porcupine!"

Once they park the van across the street from the bank and put their masks on, Kane, Liz, & Neil rush into the bank as Trey drives to the hobby shop to meet them once the job's done. Once they enter the bank, Kane rushes up to the teller and demands for the money, only for the teller to reply that the bank is broke and there is no money left. As Kane argues with the teller, sirens are heard in the background. Neil goes to the vault to plant the bomb and Liz shoots a warning shot out the glass door at an approaching police car, yelling out that they have hostages, to which a SWAT team approaches. Neil then comes out of the vault with three bags of money for himself, Liz, and Kane. Kane and Liz blindfold the hostages and lead them out the main door as Neil plants a bomb on the floor, where the sewer passes under the bank. As the blinded hostages run outside to the unsuspecting SWAT team, the bomb blows the floor open, prompting Neil, Liz, & Kane to escape through it.

As the three rush through the sewer, a SWAT team quickly catches up to them and begins shooting at them. Once the SWAT team is dealt with, the trio make their way through the sewer to the exit, which is surrounded by police officers. Neil, Liz, and Kane kill the police officers and enter the getaway car, eventually having to escape the police.

Once the wanted level is lost, the three of them drive to the hobby shop to meet Trey. After meeting him and giving him the money, Trey puts it behind the counter for safekeeping while they wait for the heat to cool down. Trey then pulls out a case of beer to celebrate the robbery with as Liz passes around some pills. As she offers some to Neil, Neil declines saying that he has to get back home beause it's getting late. Neil bids them farewell as the three of them party.

Final mission strandsEdit

A Husband's TragedyEdit

Protag: Neil

After puling a big bank robbery in the previous mission, Liz is throwing a barbeque in her backyard for Neil, Kane, Todd, Trey. In the middle of the barbeque, however Neil's cell phone rings. Neil answers it, only to find out that Rob is calling him. Neil asks what Rob wants, only for Rob to hint that he sent a group of bikers over to his house to "cut your wife's grass, if you catch my drift". Neil angrilly curses at Rob and rushes to his car, with Todd running after him. Neil tells Todd that Sarah is in trouble, and tells Todd and the others to stay at Liz's, stating that he'll take care of the problem himself.

Neil drives over to his house. During the drive, he calls Sarah. In a hushed tone, Sarah tells Neil that she locked herself in the closet and a group of burglars broke in. Before she can say any more, she is discovered by some bikers and screams are heard from the other end, before the line abruptly goes dead. Neil then arrives at his house, only to find it surrounded by bikers. He fights off hoardes of bikers, yelling out to Sarah that he's there and she'll be safe.

After fighting the bikers, Neil searches the house for Sarah, only to find nothing. His phone then rings, which Neil quickly answers. It turns out that Rob has called him, telling him that Sarah is safe and alive, albiet with him. Neil demands to know where Sarah is, stating that it won't end good for Rob if he doesn't comply, only for Rob to tell Neil to bring him two million dollars to a motel outside of town. Rob then quickly hangs up, but not before reminding Neil that he "came into a lot of money".

Níl saoi gan lochtEdit

Protag: Neil & Liz

Neil arrives at the motel with the money and waits in the parking lot for Rob to arrive. As he waits, a group of bikers ride up to him, who begin to hassle him. Neil tries to ignore them until Rob arrives. Rob asks Neil to give him the money, which Neil hesitantly gives him. After he gives Rob the money, Rob changes the subject, telling Neil that he's a "good dog" bringing him the money and that he cares for his wife. He then asks Neil to do one more task for him, to which Neil gets angry and begins yelling at Rob, eventually tackling him.

The scene then cuts to Liz, Kane, Todd, and Trey, running down a hill and Trey telling them that he tracked Neil's cell phone to this location. Once they're on the top of the hill, with a good view of the motel, they notice that Neil and Rob are having a fistfight. As they fight, Liz quickly sets up a sniper rifle as the rest of her "team" pull out their guns. to cover Liz.

The player then gains control of Liz, who is instructed to shoot and kill Rob while he is fighting Neil (if she waits too long, Rob will pull out a knife and kill Neil). Once Rob is killed, Neil will try to make an escape, but another biker grabs him and drags him into a motel room. At this point, Liz's rifle jams, prompting Liz to go to the bottom of the hill with the others and kill the other bikers with another gun. Once they kill the bikers, they must find Neil in one of the motel rooms.

After checking a few motel rooms, they find Neil, being held hostage by another biker. Liz has to shoot the biker who is holding Neil hostage. Once that biker falls dead, Neil is now free to join Liz's fight, which has intensified as more bikers arrive. Once Liz, Neil, and the others finish off the rest of the bikers, they search the rest of the motel for Sarah.

They eventually find Sarah in the basement of the office, tied up to a chair. Neil hurries over to her and unties her, eventually embracing each other in fear. Neil then leads Sarah out of the basement, covering her eyes with his hand, telling her not to look at any of the bodies. Once they walk a good distance away from the motel and over to Neil's car as Liz and the others join up with them. They both comment on their "hell of a long journey" and how they'll "look back and laugh about it" a few years later. Neil and Sarah then get into Neil's car, telling Liz and the others that they're going to take a vacation and that Todd's gonna be the "man of the house" till then. After they drive away, Todd states that since he has the house to himself, he can eat all the ice cream he wants and play video games all day, to which Liz and Kane agree with him. They then go offscreen, chanting the lyrics to "Always Hardcore", leaving Trey alone in the middle of the motel parking lot. He mutters "Alone again...bummer" to himself, and ends up walking over to a dead biker and rumages through his wallet as the camera pans upwards into the sky as the credits roll.