A reference picture of the coal mine.

Friesland Mining Company is a mine in the mod.


The Friesland Mining Company was a mining company based out of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. They owned a large number of coal mines in the Dutch province of Friesland, and decided to expand to America in the 1940s, including one outside of Warsaw, West Virginia. The mine in the area served the town's economy for a good deal up until 1972, when a mineshaft collapsed, trapping and killing all 16 miners. After an investigation concluded that the mineshaft was in poor condition, amongst other safety problems, all the mines were shut down and the mining company went bankrupt by 1975.

The Friesland Mining Company is an abandoned coal mine located about a mile outside of Warsaw. It is accessible only be either a gated-off dirt road and an abandoned train line, which passes through the Rave Grounds. There are some old coal hopper cars at the mine, along with some rusted-out trucks. The mineshafts are accessible, but are used by the Confederate Army to stockpile weapons.