Contemporaries is a mission in the mod.

Mission Objectives Edit

  • Drive to the airstrip before the timer runs out
  • Drive away from the airstrip

Script Edit

Neil walks up to his mailbox and checks it before Bernie, wearing a duffel bag, runs out of his house and up to Neil

Bernie: Neil man, thank God you're here-

Neil: What's the matter?

Bernie: I gotta meet some guys at the airstrip and I overslept-

Neil: Overslept?

Bernie: Yeah. Hey, look, I'm gonna need a ride there, but fast, you wanna give me one? I'll owe 'ya.

Neil: I gotta think about it-

Bernie: *Talking over Neil* You're up for it? Hell yeah man, sounds like a plan! We're taking your car, c'mon.

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to drive Bernie in his car to the airstrip. During the drive, a conversation erupts

Bernie: You know where the airstrip is, right?

Neil: Yeah, right around where we used to go hunting together when we were kids-

Bernie: *Talking over Neil* Yeah, yeah, alright. We'll reminisce later, right now let's just get there before the guy leaves.

Neil: Which guy?

Bernie: Some guy Alberta or Manitoba or one of those places up there. Long story short, I got my foot in the door with that mob, right?

Neil: Yeah-

Bernie: Yeah, so anyway, they want me to meet one of their contacts up in Quebec who's flew down here with some product. And now that I overslept, I might miss it, and if I miss it, then holy fuck, am I fucked!

Neil: Quebec? Isn't that the French part of Canada?

Bernie: What'd I say before?

Neil: I dunno, uh...Saskatchewan or thereabouts-

Bernie: Whatever man, it's all the same, all of it up there. You ever been? You know, Canada?

Neil: Yeah.

Bernie: Yeah, yeah, when?

Neil: On that school trip in '85.

Bernie: Well fuck, man! You think I can remember that, I'm fucking panicking right now?

Neil: Hey, just calm the fuck down, alright? You're trying to make an impression, and ain't nobody gonna take you seriously if you wanna make this thing last.

Bernie: Yeah, alright...*inhales/exhales*alright, good deal.

The player arrives at the airstrip. Upon arrival, Bernie speaks to Neil before he leaves the car

Bernie: Hey, alright man, thanks for the ride. Now get outta here, I'll find my own way back.

Neil: Alright, good luck.

The player is instructed to drive away from the airstrip

The player drives away from the airstrip

Mission Passed